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international environment

Definition/Scope: The international environment is that environment that is outside of the United States. As a sovereign nation, the US must be concerned as to the actions of other nations. The National Security Strategy is the key document for the shaping of the international environment. A primary element behind the shaping of the international environment is to promote peace, stability, and prosperity. The United States uses our diplomacy, military force, other foreign policy tools and domestic preparedness in unison to shape the environment. Some key items in the process of shaping include: timely and effective intelligence collection; analysis capabilities; international cooperation to build effective coalitions; protecting our critical interior infrastructure from attack. Additional activities could also include countering terrorism, drug and firearms trafficking, illegal immigration, the spread of WMD and other threats. The use of the United States military to shape involves their overseas presence and peacetime engagement activities such as defense cooperation, security assistance, and training and exercises with allies and friends. The U.S. Armed forces help to deter aggression and coercion, promote regional stability, prevent and reduce conflicts and threats, and serve as role models for militaries in emerging democracies. U.S. diplomacy efforts are a vital tool for countering threats also. Those efforts are able to articulate US interests, resolve regional disputes peacefully, attempt to avert humanitarian catastrophe, deter aggression against the United States and its allies, promote international economic cooperation and stability and projecting U.S. influence worldwide.

Broader Terms:

Department of State
National Security Strategy

Narrower Terms:

foreign trade
Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance
missile defense
National Security Council

Related Terms:

Central Intelligence Agency
Defense Department
Federal Bureau of Investigation
National Defense Strategy
North Atlantic Treaty Organization
Nuclear Posture Review
United Nations

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