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sally port

Definition/Scope: Sally port is a term generally used for military areas. A sally port is an area that is used to control the entrance into a restricted area. Some examples would include the entrance area prior to entering a prison or currency creating site such as Fort Knox, KY. There is normally a guard controlling the middle zone between two sets of doors. This sally port guard will have the means to check the personnel escorts and/or the credentials of all those persons, materials and vehicles passing into the protected space through the first opened door, prior to its opening. They will then monitor the sally transit to ensure that: (1) no more that the maximum allowed number of verified individuals/materials or vehicles are permitted and actually do transit into the middle space at any one time; (2) that all persons vehicles and/or materials are cleared by the controller of the interior protected space (a second, separate individual from the controller of the sally port) to enter that secured space prior to the un-locking and/or opening of the second door; (3) that the first opened door to the sally port is closed, locked, and secured prior to unlocking and/or opening the second door; and (4) the guard will ensure that after the completion of a transit movement of persons, materials and/or vehicles through the sally port, that the middle space of the sally port is clear (empty) of all persons, materials, or vehicles prior to his securing (closing/locking) of the second door, to await the next movement through the sally port. Sally ports must be used with caution and transit through them must be carefully monitored during any emergency or non-routine movements. The greatest safety hazard in use of these passageways is the danger of overcrowding the middle space between the doors.

Broader Terms:

Force Protection

Narrower Terms:

Access Control Point

Related Terms:

Access Control Point
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