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perimeter security

Definition/Scope: Perimeter security is those response forces, normally in conjunction with a fixed-site security, that respond to breeches of an organization’s base perimeter. The perimeter security measures are those defensive measures to protect a unit, facility, or location from attack, unauthorized access, theft, or sabotage. Measures may include physical barriers, clear zones, lighting, guards or sentries, reaction forces, intrusion detection devices, and defensive positions.

Used For:

Force Protection

Broader Terms:

base cluster
fixed-site security
initial response forces
Quick Reaction Force
response force

Narrower Terms:

Desert Hawk
Electronic Security Systems
observation post
Quick Response Force
roving patrol
RQ-14 Dragon Eye
RQ-7 Shadow
XM 156
XM 157

Related Terms:

fire plan
Military Police
security police
Unmanned Aircraft System

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