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mass rescue operation

Definition/Scope: (JP 3-50) Mass rescue operations (MROs) are civil SAR operations demanding a substantial surge in response capabilities. MROs are described as civil SAR services characterized by the need for immediate assistance to large numbers of persons in distress, such that the capabilities normally available to local civil SAR authorities are inadequate. Examples of events that could result in the need for MROs include severe weather incidents (e.g., hurricanes, floods, tornadoes), earthquakes, avalanches, volcanic eruptions, and hazardous material incidents. Such events have the potential to quickly overwhelm and exceed the rescue capabilities of other Federal, state, local, and volunteer entities. CCDRs shall ensure that appropriate plans and preparations are in place to be able to effectively conduct or support MROs when tasked.



Broader Terms:

disaster assistance
Disaster Management Interoperability Services
National Search and Rescue Plan
Rescue Coordination Center

Narrower Terms:

disaster preparedness
disaster recovery
search and rescue

Related Terms:

Disaster Management Interoperability Services
US Coast Guard

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