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Ministry of Interior (Iraq)

Definition/Scope: The Ministry of Interior (MoI) in Iraq handles policing and border enforcement. The MoI consists of several elements including the Iraq Police Service (IPS), Iraqi Highway Patrol, Traffic Department, Emergency Response Unit, Explosive Ordnance Disposal Unit, and the Department of Border Enforcement. Pending passage of the Facilities Protection Services (FPS) Reform Law, the MoI is preparing to absorb FPS personnel currently spread among other ministries. The MoI has approximately 380,430 employees and the Ministry of Finance (MoF) approved US$3.8 billion for the MoI's 2008 budget. The 2008 budget represents a 21% growth over the previous year.



Broader Terms:

Commanders Emergency Response Program
Iraq ministries
Iraqi Government

Narrower Terms:

Civilian Police Assistance Training Team (Iraq)
Facilities Protection Service
Internal affairs
Iraqi Police Service
law enforcement
Multi-National Security Transition Command-Iraq
police transition team

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