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Troop Leading Procedures

Definition/Scope: (FM 5-0) Troop leading procedures (TLP) is a dynamic process used by small unit leaders to analyze a mission, develop a plan, and prepare for an operation. These procedures enable leaders to maximize available planning time while developing effective plans and adequately preparing their unit for an operation. TLP consist of eight steps: 1. Receive the mission; 2. Issue a warning order; 3. Make a tentative plan; 4. Initiate movement; 5. Conduct reconnaissance; 6. Complete the plan; 7. Issue the order; 8. Supervise and refine. NOTE: FM 5-0 has been superceded by ADP 5-0.

Used For:

Mission command WFF



Broader Terms:

Army planning
Command and Control
Full spectrum operations
Military DecisionMaking Process
PreCombat Inspection

Narrower Terms:

Areas, Structures, Capabilities, Organizations, People, Events
decisive point
Mission enemy terrain troops time available and civil considerations
problem solving

Related Terms:

Military DecisionMaking Process
operation order

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