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Multi-Function Radio Frequency System

Definition/Scope: The Multi-Function Radio Frequency System (MFRFS) is a networked sensor within the Future Combat System Brigade Combat Team (BCT) connected through a common interface to the FCS C4ISR computer and communication networks. Information from this sensing system supports both the host platform system performance and the FCS System of Systems performance through the generation of a common operating picture (COP). The MFRFS provides situational awareness and increased survivability never before seen on a ground platform. The MFRF enables the FCS force to see first, act first and win decisively. The sensing portion is a electronically-scanned, solid state phased array radar system than can detect and track a full spectrum of threats to current and future ground vehicles. The most common threats are rocket propelled grenades and other kinetic threats.

Used For:




Broader Terms:

electronic warfare
Future Combat System
situational awareness

Narrower Terms:

Active Protection System
command, control, communications, computers, intelligence, surveillance ...
common operational picture

Related Terms:

cyber network
Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance
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