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Integrated Army Active Protection System

Definition/Scope: The Integrated Army Active Protection System (IAAPS) is an integrated Future Combat System that uses integrated soft and hard-kill measures, passive (EO) and active (radar) sensors, soft kill countermeasures (IR jammers and decoys) and hard kill active protection system devices. The system is designed to protect an armored vehicle from direct fire and top attack threats with growth potential for Kinetic Energy (KE) threat defeat. IAAPS is programmed to intercept a threat at a long range, by detecting the launch signature of a missile or gun firing of a tank. After detection, the system attempts to disrupt the missile's guidance by IR countermeasures, but if such attempts fail, the hard-kill module is erected, detects the incoming target, and traverse to point the countermeasure rockets at the incoming target. A projectile is launched at the direction of the incoming threat, to intercept and destroy it at a distance of 30 meters from the protected vehicle. Unlike existing countermeasures, threats were defeated by "soft kill" electronic countermeasures and "hard kill" active protection counter-munitions. The IAAPS classifies the inbound threat and assigns the right countermeasure to defeat it. The suite includes two types of passive sensors, electronic warfare countermeasures and an active protection system composed of launcher, radar and a deployed countermeasure. The system demonstrated both "point protection" of the attacked vehicle as well as "area protection" of a limited surrounding area. IAAPS can handle multiple, simultaneous threats.



Broader Terms:

Active Protection System
Bradley Fighting Vehicle
Full Spectrum Active Protection
Future Combat System
Infantry Fighting Vehicle
Stryker family of vehicles
U.S. Army Tank Automotive Research, Development and Engineering Center

Narrower Terms:

antitank missile
antitank rocket
electronic countermeasures
Rocket Propelled Grenade

Related Terms:

Active Denial System
Active Protection System
Full Spectrum Active Protection Close-In Shield
Iron Fist Active Protection System
Quick Kill
Trophy Active Defense System

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