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Quick Kill Active Protection System

Definition/Scope: Quick Kill is an active protection system (APS) designed to destroy incoming anti-tank missiles, rockets, and grenades. The Quick Kill system is being designed and produced by Raytheon for the U.S. Army. The Quick Kill system is part of the Army’s Future Combat Systems. Quick Kill detects incoming RPGs and anti-tank missiles with an active electronically scanned array radar. Once its speed, trajectory and intercept point are computed, Quick Kill vertically soft-launches a small countermeasure missile. The system features two types of missiles: a smaller one for defense against close range weapons such as RPGs, and another, larger one to intercept longer range, faster anti-tank missiles or shells. The countermeasure missile intercepts the incoming threat and destroys it with a focused blast warhead. All this happens within a blink of an eye. The Quick Kill missile has 360-degree capability and a reload capability, with each launcher typically containing eight to 16 missiles. It could be used stationary or on the move with a wide range of vehicles from armored personnel carriers to airborne helicopters. It is reported that the Humvee or JLTV may not be suitable for the Quick Kill APS, due to the blast pressures generated when the incoming warhead detonates, which would likely buckle lightly armored vehicles.


Quick Kill

Broader Terms:

antitank weapon
Future Combat System
kinetic energy weapon

Narrower Terms:

armored vehicle
M1 Abrams
M2 Bradley
Stryker family of vehicles

Related Terms:

active array radar
Active Denial System
Active Protection System
Iron Fist Active Protection System
Trophy Active Defense System

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