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Trophy Active Defense System

Definition/Scope: Trophy (also known as ASPRO-A, "Wind Coat") is an active protection system (APS), designed to supplement the armor of both light and heavy armored fighting vehicles, which intercepts and destroys incoming missiles and rockets with a shotgun-like blast. Trophy is the product of a ten-year collaborative development project between the RAFAEL and Israel Aircraft Industries’ Elta Group. The developers claim it is a major milestone in weapons design, being the first operational active protection system in the West (the first in the world being Russia’s Drozd and Arena.). with four flat-panel antennas mounted on the vehicle, with a 360-degree field of view. When a weapon is fired at the vehicle, the internal computer uses the signal from the incoming weapon and calculates an approach vector. Once the incoming weapon is fully classified, the computers calculate the optimal time and angle to fire the neutralizers. The response comes from two rotating launchers installed on the sides of the vehicle. The launchers fire the neutralizing agents, which are usually small metal pellets like shotgun shot. The system is designed to have a very small kill zone, so as not to endanger troops adjacent to the protected vehicle. The system is designed to work against all types of anti-tank missiles and rockets, including handheld weapons such as rocket propelled grenades. The system can simultaneously engage several threats arriving from different directions, is effective on stationary or moving platforms, and is effective against both short and long-range threats. Newer versions of the system include a reload feature for multiple firings. The Trophy development roadmap includes an enhanced countermeasure unit to be available in the future for protection against kinetic energy penetrators. Use of Trophy on the Stryker vehicle will obviate the need for the heavy "slat" armor to defend against high explosive antitank (HEAT) warheads, and allow a vehicle to fit into a C-130 Hercules cargo aircraft ready for battle. Slat armor must be removed before the vehicle is loaded into the plane and reattached at the destination. This process in turn takes over 100 hours of cutting and welding, making it impractical under combat conditions. In addition, the newer, smaller size will improve the vehicle’s ability to negotiate urban areas. Since Trophy just has two launcher/loaders it does not have 360 degree protection or protection from top attacks. There is also a chance for civilian or friendly force collateral damage. In tight urban area, the Trophy system may take out the RPG, but it may kill 20 people in the process.

Used For:

Protection WFF


Trophy ADS

Broader Terms:

antitank weapon
Future Combat System
kinetic energy weapon

Narrower Terms:

armored vehicle
M1 Abrams
M2 Bradley

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