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Full Spectrum Active Protection

Definition/Scope: Full Spectrum Active Protection (FSAP) is an active-protection concept currently being developed for the US Army for its future and current armored vehicles. Advanced active protection systems are designed to provide the primary survivability component of future armored vehicles, protecting the vehicle from missiles, kinetic energy threats and top attack. The system detects, tracks, intercepts and physically defeats large-caliber threats at a distance sufficiently far from the defended vehicle to reduce the lethal effects of the threat and assure vehicle survival. A subset of FSAP is the Full Spectrum Active Protection System (FCLAS). Active protection system’s components will include threat detection, tracking systems, signal processing systems, countermeasures systems and base armor, used for structural and residual threat defeat. The system will utilize multiple sensors, sensors, including radar, IR and laser detection systems. Upon detection of a threat, the system will enable the deployment of countermeasures or defensive tactics to avoid being hit (when engaging anti-tank missiles or threats at medium/long range), or automatically activate countermeasures, when necessary (primarily against high velocity missiles and kinetic energy threats or RPGs at short range).

Used For:

Protection WFF



Broader Terms:

Active Protection System
Tank Automotive and Armaments Command
U.S. Army Tank Automotive Research, Development and Engineering Center

Narrower Terms:

Full Spectrum Active Protection Close-In Shield
Full Spectrum Active Protection System
Integrated Army Active Protection System
Stryker family of vehicles

Related Terms:

Anti-armor Improvised Explosive Device
electronic countermeasures
explosively formed penetrator
Future Combat System
Improvised Explosive Device
Iron Fist Active Protection System
Rocket Propelled Grenade

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