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2nd Marine Logistics Group

Definition/Scope: The 2nd Marine Logistics Group (2nd MLG) is a logistics unit of the United States Marine Corps and is headquartered at Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, North Carolina. 2nd MLG was formerly known as 2nd Force Service Support Group (FSSG). With the changing times and previous missions conducted during recent conflicts, the FSSGs within the Marine Corps were reorganized into what is now known as Marine Logistics Groups. The 2nd MLG is composed of more than 8,000 Marines and sailors. They conduct general and direct supply support operations and receives, stores, distributes and manages supply material and information. They also provide health and dental service support, military police support including maneuver and mobility, area security and law and order interment operations to the MAGTF. They also provide support for deployed units by transporting gear via land and air. They provide engineering support of a deliberate nature to MEFs and intermediate maintenance support for Marine Corps furnished by tactical ordnance, engineer, motor, repairable support to include stocking, storing and fiscal accounting for normal accounting.


2nd MLG

Broader Terms:

II Marine Expeditionary Force
Marine Logistics Groups

Narrower Terms:

Area Security

Related Terms:

1st Marine Logistics Group
3rd Marine Logistics Group
4th Marine Logistics Group

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