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Lines Of Operation

Definition/Scope: (JP & FM 3-0) A line of operations is a line that defines the directional orientation of a force in time and space in relation to the enemy and links the force with its base of operations and objectives. Operations designed using lines of operations generally consist of a series of actions executed according to a well-defined sequence. Major combat operations are typically designed using lines of operations. These lines tie offensive and defensive tasks to the geographic and positional references in the operational area. Commanders synchronize activities along complementary lines of operations to achieve the end state. Lines of operations may be either interior or exterior. FM 3-0 It is the utilization of lines of operations allows for simultaneous actions throughout both shaping and decisive actions/phases/stages, etc. It is also a conceptual means to identify task that must be completed to complete the end state. A LOO describes the linkage of various actions on nodes and/or decisive points with an operational or strategic objective. Commanders may describe the operation along LOOs that are physical or logical. A physical LOO defines the interior or exterior orientation of the force in relation to the enemy or connects actions on nodes and/or decisive points related in time and space to an objective(s). A logical LOO connects actions on nodes and/or decisive points related in time and purpose with an objective(s). Normally, joint operations require commanders to synchronize activities along multiple and complementary physical and logical LOOs working through a series of military strategic and operational objectives to attain the military end state.

Used For:

Mission command WFF



Broader Terms:

Center Of Gravity
decisive operation
Full spectrum operations
Major Combat Operation
operational art
shaping operation

Narrower Terms:

decisive point

Related Terms:

Center Of Gravity
course of action
decisive point
direct approach
end state
indirect approach
lines of effort
mission analysis
operation order
operational approach
operational reach
Warrior Ethos

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