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Continuity Of Operations

Definition/Scope: (JP 3-0) Continuity of operations (COOP) ensures the degree or state of being continuous in the conduct of functions, tasks, or duties necessary to accomplish a military action or mission in carrying out the national military strategy. COOP includes the functions and duties of the commander, as well as the supporting functions and duties performed by the staff and others under the authority and direction of the commander. (HSPD 20) Continuity of operations is an effort within individual executive departments and agencies to ensure that Primary Mission-Essential Functions continue to be performed during a wide range of emergencies, including localized acts of nature, accidents, and technological or attack-related emergencies.


Protection WFF



Broader Terms:

Command and Control
Defense Continuity Program
Department of Defense Continuity Programs
Homeland Security Presidential Directive - 20
lines of effort
National Response Plan
National Security Presidential Directive - 51

Narrower Terms:

Force Protection
physical security

Related Terms:

Catastrophic Emergency
continuity of government
critical infrastructure
Critical Infrastructure and Key Resources
Defense Critical Infrastructure Program
Department of Homeland Security
Homeland Security Presidential Directive - 20
Mutual Assured Destruction
National Essential Functions
National Security Presidential Directive - 51
Office of National Security Coordination
Provincial Reconstruction Teams

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