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hybrid warfare

Definition/Scope: Hybrid Wars combine a range of different modes of warfare including conventional capabilities, irregular tactics and formations, terrorist acts including indiscriminate violence and coercion, and criminal disorder. The enemy can and will use multiple forms of conflict, perhaps simultaneously to gain an advantage. These multi-modal conflicts can be conducted by separate units, or even by the same unit but are generally operationally and tactically directed and coordinated within the main operational environment to achieve maximum (synergistic) effects. The National Maritime Strategy describes it as: Conflicts are increasingly characterized by a hybrid blend of traditional and irregular tactics, decentralized planning and execution, and non-state actors, using both simple and sophisticated technologies in innovative ways.” Hybrid warfare can be conducted by both states and non-state actors. The effects can be felt at all three levels (strategic, operational, and tactical) of war.

Broader Terms:

Non-State Actor
State actor
Urban Operation

Narrower Terms:

asymmetric warfare
guerrilla warfare
Irregular Warfare

Related Terms:

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