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Definition/Scope: (FM 5-0) Commanders encourage active collaboration and dialog throughout the operations process. Collaboration and dialog aids in developing shared situational understanding throughout the force. Throughout the operations process, commanders, subordinate commanders, staffs, and other partners collaborate and dialog actively, sharing and questioning information, perceptions, and ideas to better understand situations and make decisions. Collaboration is two or more people or organizations working together toward common goals by sharing knowledge and building consensus. Dialog is a way to collaborate that involves the candid exchange of ideas or opinions among participants that encourages frank discussions in areas of disagreement. Effective collaboration includes continuous dialog that leads to increased understanding of the situation across the force, including the current problems. In addition to the organizations within their command, commanders also collaborate with civilian and other military organizations in the operational area to better understand their perspectives and build unity of effort. This leads to a shared understanding of the situation and improves coordination and cooperation among all participants toward common objectives. Collaboration is an excellent means of transferring both tacit and explicit knowledge. Collaboration occurs during planning and continues through execution regardless of the physical location of participants. (FM 6-0.1) Collaboration is interaction among people at two or more locations who are developing knowledge for the same purpose. It may occur face to face in a small group or online using collaborative environments. Collaboration is an excellent means of transferring both tacit and explicit knowledge. OLD VERSION Collaboration is a process of where two or more people or organizations work together to share a common goal. The most common type of collaboration is within the intelligence field. Teamwork is essential in order for collaboration to work. The process of collaboration ranges from meetings, e-mail, teleconferencing, and even video-conferencing.

Broader Terms:

ABCA Armies (Coalition)
Battlefield Information Collection and Exploitation System
Coastal Battlefield Reconnaissance and Analysis
Knowledge Management
mass collaboration
social network

Narrower Terms:

common operational picture

Related Terms:

Army techniques publication
global connectivity
Military DecisionMaking Process
Web 2.0

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