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Agribusiness Development Team

Definition/Scope: An Agribusiness Development Team (ADT) composed of Army National Guard soldiers with backgrounds and expertise in various sectors of the agribusiness field has been formed to provide training and advice to Afghan universities, provincial ministries, and local farmers. ADT members also bring personal ties and relationships that allow them to leverage the assets and expertise of Land Grant Universities (LGUs) and Cooperative Extension Services within their home state (initially Missouri and Texas will field the first two teams). The ARNG has employed the ADT concept successfully in Central America for approximately 20 years. The NGBB has also completed significant planning and laid the groundwork for ADT success in Afghanistan. To provide the CJTF commander with a resource to favorably impact the agribusiness sector in the Nangarhar province, the ARNG deployed an ADT in February 2008 to augment the Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT) located in Jalalabad. The revitalization of the agribusiness sector in Nangarhar and Ghazni provinces requires a complex and integrated set of solutions. ADTs ensure that improvements are sustainable with local assets and within the context of the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation, and Livestock (MAIL) abilities. To be immediately effective, ADT personnel must be in place to impact the next growing season. If the ADT and supporting USDA administrators are not in place, opium production will increase in the upcoming growing season. The ADT concept has two major benefits: provide immediate agricultural expertise and provide SECFOR to enable daily community engagement. ADT were comprised of 3 - 4 person advance team. The actual teams were 58 personnel strong. 8 HQ, 34 Security Force. 2 Combat Medic, 2 mechanics, 2 soldier engineer advisor team, 10 person agriculture team. Background: Agriculture accounts for 45% of the Afghan GDP and employs over 70% of the population; The current level of US government civilian (USDA, USAID) support to the agricultural sector is unable to keep pace with the tremendous need for assistance in revitalizing the agricultural sector; The Agricultural Development Team (ADT) concept has proven successful in Central America over the last 20 years; Currently have three ADTs deployed into RC-East with 3 additional ADTs set to deploy in early spring 2009; ADT concept was developed jointly by CJTF-82, National Guard Bureau and the US Embassy in order to meet an essential Afghanistan development requirements Concept: Resourced by ARNG personnel with agricultural-related expertise. • State(s) partner with Afghan Province; Each team resourced to conduct sustained independent operations; ADT OPCON to BDE level TF with ADCON to PRT (PRT Integrated Command Team member); ADT co-located with a PRT for life support; Partner with USDA, USAID and others to ensure maximum use of resources and ensure deconfliction of projects; Provide expertise, advice, and training in soil sciences, irrigation agronomy, horticulture, marketing, storage, pest control and animal husbandry to Afghan universities, provincial-level ministries, local farmer, and agribusinesses; Leverage both State Land Grant Agriculture Colleges and the State Farm Bureaus as a means to “Reach Back” for required Technical Support.



Broader Terms:

Operation Enduring Freedom
Title 32 U.S.C.

Narrower Terms:

935th ADT
935th Agribusiness Development Team
Combined Joint Task Force

Related Terms:

Commanders Emergency Response Program
National Guard Bureau
Provincial Reconstruction Teams
shaping operation

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