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Naval Consolidated Brig Miramar

Definition/Scope: The Naval Consolidated Brig Miramar is a military confinement facility located at San Diego, CA. The Brigs basic mission is to ensure administration, security, good order, discipline, and safety of prisoners and detained personnel from all military services; to retrain and restore maximum number of personnel to honorable service; to prepare remaining prisoners for return to civilian life as productive citizens. Some of its many functions include: serve as a Level I and II confinement facility for DoD male and female prisoners and as DoD Female Level III confinement facility, providing a secure, safe and humane environment for prisoners, detainees and staff; maintain a high level of military discipline within brig operations; classify prisoners for restoration to military duty or for discharge from military duty and return to civilian life; identify and certify prisoners who have earned restoration to military duty or an early return to civilian life; provide resources and an environment which allows prisoners to serve sentences imposed by the court, fulfill individual responsibilities and complete plans for restoration to duty or return to civilian life; operate retraining programs; provide military escort services for adjudged prisoners transferring to consolidated brig.


Naval Brig Miramar

Broader Terms:

Army Corrections System
Camp Pendleton
Chief of Naval Personnel
Marine Corps Air Station Miramar
Quantico Virginia
U.S. Navy Corrections System
US Navy

Narrower Terms:

correctional employees
correctional personnel

Related Terms:

American Correctional Association
Bureau of Naval Personnel
Chief of Naval Personnel
correctional facility
Fort Knox
Fort Leavenworth
Fort Lewis
Fort Sill

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