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Captain's Career Course Aviation

Definition/Scope: (DA Pam 600-3) The Aviation Captain’s Career Course, an institutional training course 21 weeks long, is given at Fort Rucker and has special requirements prior to attending. Some of them include: Captains must earn a Baccalaureate degree prior to attending a CCC; IAW Vice Chief of Staff Army guidance, officers should have flown at least 500 hours and earned PC status for their particular airframe before they are allowed to attend a CCC. Officers will attend a branch CCC between their 5th and 8th year of commissioned Service. Aviation officers may attend other branch's CCC. It prepares officers to serve as combined arms experts, company commanders, battalion/brigade staff officers, and Brigade Aviation Element (BAE) officers assigned and organic to the ground BCT. The course scope: includes training instruction and practical exercises in Army Operations, professional military subjects in common functional areas, unit leadership, doctrinal base, tactical decision making, aviation maintenance and logistics, aviation operations, and military writing. In addition to the course scope there is the phase Scope and it includes training instruction and practical exercises in Army operations, professional military subjects in common functional areas; unit leadership; doctrinal base; tactical decision making; aviation maintenance and logistics; aviation operations; and military writing.



Broader Terms:

Captain's Career Course by name
Command and General Staff College

Narrower Terms:

Officer Basic Course Aviation

Related Terms:

Fort Rucker
Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape

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