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US Army Combat Readiness/Safety Center

Definition/Scope: The US Army Combat Readiness/Safety Center, a Field Operating Agency within the Army, is to provide Army Safety policy, programs and expertise to ensure Composite Risk Management is integrated throughout the Army; provide expertise on safety matters to the Army Senior Leadership, Army Staff, Army Commands, Army Service Component Commands, Direct Reporting Units, other services, OSD and other agencies. In October 1983 the Safety Center was given Army staff responsibility for implementation of the Army Safety Program and served as the primary advisor on accident prevention to the DA. In July 1987, the Safety Center became a field operating agency of the Chief of Staff of the Army. The Commander of the Safety Center was designated as the Director of Army Safety. Following world events, DOD leadership recognized the enormous impact that accidental loss had, and continues to have, on the readiness and capability of the Army. As a result, on Jan. 31, 2005, the U.S. Army Safety Center was redesignated as the U.S. Army Combat Readiness Center with an expanded mission to become the center of gravity for all loss-related areas. As the Army's knowledge center for loss data collection, analysis and information dissemination, the USACR/SAFETY CENTER assists the Army with the preservation of combat power through the application of Composite Risk Management in order to preserve the human capital of the Army.


Army Safety Center

Used For:

Protection WFF



Broader Terms:

mission analysis
risk management
Secretary of the Army

Narrower Terms:

aircraft safety
fire safety
flight safety
food safety
risk reduction
situational awareness
UXO safety
vehicle safety
water safety
weapon safety

Related Terms:

Air Force Safety Center
Army Chief of Staff
Naval Safety Center
Navy Occupational Safety and Health

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