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Air Defense

Definition/Scope: (FM 1-02) Air defense is defined as all defensive measures designed to destroy attacking enemy aircraft or missiles in the Earth's envelope of atmosphere, or to nullify or reduce the effectiveness of such attack.


AN/MPQ-53 Radar Set



Broader Terms:

Advanced Electronic Guided Intercept System
Air Defense Airspace Management/Brigade Aviation Element
air ground integration
air-ground integration
AN/MPQ-53 Radar Set
Army airspace command and control
Army Missile Defense Task Force
Army Tactical Missile System
Deputy Area Air Defense Commander
Force Protection
Ground Based Radar
joint operation
Maneuver support operation
theater air defense
theater missile defense
US Army Space and Missile Defense Command/ Army Strategic Command

Narrower Terms:

active air defense
air corridor
air defense weapon control status
AN/MPQ-53 Radar Set
AN/MPQ-65 Radar set
AN/MSQ-104 Engagement Control Station
anti-air Warfare
antitactical ballistic missile
Bradley M-6 Linebacker
BTR armored personnel carriers
counter-rocket, artillery and mortar
counterair operations
Forward Area Air Defense Engagement Zone
High-altitude Missile Engagement Zone
High-Density Airspace Control Zone
Low-Altitude Missile Engagement Zone
M6 Linebacker
man-portable air defense system
offensive counterair operations
passive air defense
US Army Space and Missile Defense Command/Army Forces Strategic Command
USSR Design Vehicle (Armored Personnel Carrier)
weapon control status
weapon engagement zone
Weapons Free Zone

Related Terms:

active air defense
Advanced Electronic Guided Intercept System
air defense artillery
Air Defense System Integrator
AN/MPQ-53 Radar Set
Future Warfare Center
High-altitude Missile Engagement Zone
High-Density Airspace Control Zone
Identification Friend or Foe
Low-Level Transit Route
Minimum Risk Route
missile defense
Missile Engagement Zone
Multifunctional Information Distribution System
passive air defense
Standard Army Aircraft Flight Route
Weapons Free Zone

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