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Environmental Management Advisory Board

Definition/Scope: The Environmental Management Advisory Board (EMAB), an organization with the Department of Energy, was created to provide independent and external advice, information, and recommendations to the Assistant Secretary for Environmental Management (EM) on corporate issues relating to accelerated site clean-up and risk reduction. EMAB’s activities are governed by the Federal Advisory Committee Act (FACA), which was enacted to ensure that the general public has access to advisory board deliberations and recommendations. The EMAB serves as a counselor to the Assistant Secretary on how to effectively implement the EM program and provides advice on how to overcome obstacles and challenges that threaten the program’s timely success. The Board also works to identify applicable private sector best management practices and provides counsel on how to integrate them into the EM program. The Board works with the private sector to identify barriers to the effective execution of the Assistant Secretary’s program objectives and facilitates discussions between the Department and private industry for knowledge sharing. Lastly, EMAB provides strategic management advice on where and how to focus the Program’s resources to achieve maximum impact and greatest risk reduction.

Used For:

environmental monitoring



Broader Terms:

Department of Energy
Federal Advisory Committee Act

Narrower Terms:

environmental cleanup
risk reduction

Related Terms:

nuclear waste
nuclear weapon

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