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Armored Cavalry Regiment

Definition/Scope: An armored cavalry regiment (ACR) is a regiment of the United States Army or United States National Guard organized for the specific purposes of reconnaissance, surveillance, and security. The regiment is equipped with armored fighting vehicles; hence the terms armored and cavalry. As of Sep 2008 the regiments are as listed: 2nd ACR is now a BCT; 3d ACR; 6th ACR is now a USARS aviation regiment; 11th ACR is now a heavy Comabt Team; 14th, 107th, 116th, 163rd are now USARS Cav reg; 278th is now a heavy BCT.

Used For:

mounted soldiers
mounted troops



Broader Terms:


Narrower Terms:

3d Armored Cavalry Regiment
Cavalry regiments
cavalry units

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