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TRADOC Project Office for One Semi-Automated Force

Definition/Scope: An organization within the Combined Arms Center-Training unit located at Fort Leavenworth. OneSAF is a next generation, entity-level simulation that supports both Computer Generated Forces (CGF) and Semi-Automated Forces (SAF) applications. This enables it to support a wide range of U.S. Army brigade and below constructive simulations and virtual simulators. OneSAF was built to represent the modular and future force and provides entities, units and behaviors across the spectrum of military operations in the contemporary operating environment. Special attention has been paid to detailed buildings for urban operations including interior rooms, furniture, tunnels and subterranean features, and behaviors to create mouse holes. In addition, interoperability support is present for industry standards such as Distributed Interactive Simulation (DIS), High Level Architecture (HLA), Military Scenario Development Language (MSDL) and Joint Consultation Command and Control Information Exchange Data Model (JC3IEDM) and Army Battle Command System (ABCS) devices. OneSAF, as a cross-domain simulation suitable for supporting training, analysis, research, experimentation, mission-planning and rehearsal activities, provides the latest physics-based modeling and data, enhanced data collection and reporting capabilities. It has also been adapted by the USMC for use in their Combined Arms Staff trainer.


TPO OneSemi Automated Force



Broader Terms:

Combined Arms Center
Combined Arms Center-Training
Deputy Commanding General, Combined Arms Center-Combined Arms Training
Fort Leavenworth

Narrower Terms:

Army modernization
Force XXI

Related Terms:

Army Joint Support Team
Battle Command Training Program
Collective Training Directorate
Combat Training Center Directorate
National Simulation Center
Program Executive Office for Simulation, Training and Instrumentation
Space Modeling and Simulation
TRADOC Capability Manager Virtual

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