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sustaining operation

Definition/Scope: A sustaining operation is an operation at any echelon that enables the decisive operation or shaping operations by generating and maintaining combat power. Sustaining operations differ from decisive and shaping operations in that they are focused internally (on friendly forces) rather than externally (on the enemy or environment). They typically address important sustainment and protection actions essential to the success of decisive and shaping operations. However, sustaining operations cannot be decisive themselves. Note that logistic and medical support provided to the civilian population are tasks related to stability and civil support operations (provide essential services); they are not sustaining operations. At the operational level, sustaining operations focus on preparing the force for the operation's next phase. They determine the limit of operational reach. At the tactical level, sustaining operations determine the tempo of the overall operation; they ensure the force is able to seize, retain, and exploit the initiative. Sustaining operations are continuous; commanders do not reiterate routine sustainment requirements in the concept of operations. Rather, the concept of operations emphasizes important changes in sustainment required by the operation. FM 3-0

Used For:

Mission command WFF
Protection WFF

Broader Terms:

Civil Military Operation
division artillery
economy of force
information engagement
lines of effort
nested concept

Narrower Terms:

base security
positive control
procedural control

Related Terms:

nested concept
passive defense
planning guidance
positive control
shaping operation
Stability operation
support operation
sustaining operation

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