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lines of effort

Definition/Scope: Lines of effort has replaced "logical lines of operations (FM 3-0). A line of effort links multiple tasks and missions using the logic of purpose—cause and effect— to focus efforts toward establishing operational and strategic conditions. Lines of effort are essential to operational design when positional references to an enemy or adversary have little relevance. In operations involving many nonmilitary factors, lines of effort may be the only way to link tasks, effects, conditions, and the desired end state. Lines of effort are often essential to helping commanders visualize how military capabilities can support the other instruments of national power. Commanders use lines of effort to describe how they envision their operations creating the more intangible end state conditions. These lines of effort show how individual actions relate to each other and to achieving the end state. Ideally, lines of effort combine the complementary, long-term effects of stability or civil support tasks with the cyclic, short-term events typical of offensive or defensive tasks. FM 3-0

Used For:

mission analysis
Mission command WFF

Broader Terms:

civilian organization
decisive operation
end state
operational art
shaping operation
situational awareness

Narrower Terms:

Continuity Of Operations
end state
mission analysis
primary stability tasks
sustaining operation

Related Terms:

Center Of Gravity
Commander’s Intent
decisive point
direct approach
end state
indirect approach
Lines Of Operation
mission analysis
operational approach
operational reach
Warrior Ethos

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