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XM1209 Command and Control Vehicle

Definition/Scope: The XM1209 Command and Control Vehicle (C2V) is part of the Manned Ground Vehicle (MGV) family and the hub of battlefield command and control. The C2V platform provides the tools for commanders to synchronize their knowledge of combat power with the human dimension of leadership. The Battle Command Network extends from the headquarters sections at each echelon of the Brigade Combat Team (BCT) down to the company level and to the Warfighter's machine interface via mission workstations. This connectivity allows commanders and their staffs to access Battle Command applications that aid in mission planning and preparation, mission execution, and situation understanding. These applications enable commanders and their staffs to perform tasks such as fusing friendly, enemy, civilian, weather and terrain situations and distributing this information via a common operating picture. Commanders also utilize the C2V's integrated C4ISR suite to receive, analyze, and transmit tactical information both inside and outside the BCT. The C2V can also employ unmanned systems, such as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) to enhance situational awareness throughout the BCT.


XM 1209 C2V

Used For:

Intelligence WFF
Movement and Maneuver WFF

Broader Terms:

Army transformation
Future Combat System
Future Combat Systems (Brigade Combat Teams)

Related Terms:

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Manned Ground Vehicle
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