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XM1205 Recovery and Maintenance Vehicle

Definition/Scope: The XM1205 Recovery and Maintenance Vehicle (FRMV) is part of the Manned Ground Vehicle (MGV) family and is a maneuver-sustainment system, providing recovery and maintenance support within the BCT. Each BCT has a small number of two to three-man Combat Repair Teams within the organic Brigade Support Battalion that perform the following: field maintenance beyond the capabilities of the crew chief/crew, more in-depth Battle Damage Assessment Repair, and recovery operations. The FRMV's recovery winch and integrated crane will provide maintenance lift capability and recovery of overturned or mired vehicles. The FRMV has a crew of three with additional space for two recovered crew members and carry equipment and spare parts to conduct on-site vehicle repairs. The weapon system for the FRMV is the Close Combat Armament System (CCAS).


XM 1205 FRMV

Broader Terms:

Army transformation
Future Combat System
Future Combat Systems (Brigade Combat Teams)

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