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XM1203 Non Line of Sight-Cannon

Definition/Scope: The XM1203 Non Line of Sight-Cannon (NLOS-C) is an indirect fire support component of the Manned Ground Vehicle (MGV) family. The NLOS-C is a self propelled howitzer with a two-man crew. It will provide networked, extended-range, responsive and sustained precision attack of point and area targets in support of the FCS (BCT). It fires a suite of munitions that include special purpose capabilities to provide a variety of effects on demand, including precision-guided munitions such as the XM982 Excalibur. NLOS-C provides close support and destructive fires for tactical standoff engagement during both offensive and defensive operations in concert with line of sight (LOS), beyond line of sight (BLOS), other non line of sight (NLOS), external and joint capabilities in combat scenarios spanning the spectrum of ground combat and threats. It has a 155 mm, Zone 4, 38 caliber cannon, fully automated armament system and a high level of commonality with other MGV variants.


XM 1203 NLOS-C

Used For:

Fires WFF
Movement and Maneuver WFF

Broader Terms:

Army transformation
Future Combat System
Future Combat Systems (Brigade Combat Teams)

Related Terms:

Brigade Support Battalion
Fires WFF
Manned Ground Vehicle
Multi-Function Radio Frequency System
UAS-XM 156
UAS-XM 157
Unattended Ground Sensor
Unmanned Ground Vehicle
XM 1204 NLOS-M

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