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Bradley Fighting Vehicle

Definition/Scope: BFV-equipped infantry rifle platoons and rifle squads normally operate as part of a larger force. The M2 holds a crew of three: a commander, a gunner and a driver; as well as six fully equipped soldiers. They benefit from the support of armor, artillery, mortars, close air support, helicopters, air defense, and engineers. They also provide their own suppressive fires either to repel enemy assaults or to support their own maneuver. The BFV-equipped mechanized infantry platoon can: assault enemy positions, assault with small arms and indirect fires to deliver rifle squads to tactical positions of advantage; use 25-mm cannon and 7.62-mm machine gun fire to effectively suppress or destroy the enemy's infantry, block dismounted avenues of approach, seize and retain key and decisive terrain, clear danger areas and prepare positions for mounted elements, and conduct mounted or dismounted patrols and operations in support of security operations to name just a few of the possible mission types. The primary role of the BFV in an urban environment is to provide suppressive fires and to breach exterior walls. The vehicle's armor-piercing rounds can be very useful in urban terrain. It can penetrate concrete up to 16 inches thick and can easily penetrate brick structures. It is highly effective against earthen- and sandbag-reinforced structures. (b) The BFV can elevate its 25-mm gun to about +60 degrees and depress the gun to about –10 degrees. © The crew has limited visibility to the sides and rear and no visibility to the top when buttoned up. (d) The BFV can be outfitted with an external phone hookup for communications with accompanying infantry. (e) The 25-mm gun can be used effectively against enemy-occupied buildings and fortifications, firing AP, HE, and even TP-T rounds. FM 3-21.71


Bradley Stinger Fighting Vehicle
M2 Bradley

Used For:

Movement and Maneuver WFF



Broader Terms:

Active Denial Technology
battle drill
Defense Logistics Agency Distribution Red River
Force XXI Battle Command Brigade and Below
M6 Linebacker
shaping operation
Stability operation
support operation
tracked vehicles
Urban Operation

Narrower Terms:

Active Denial System 2
Active Protection System
FIM-92 Stinger
Integrated Army Active Protection System

Related Terms:

Armored Infantry Fighting Vehicle
Bradley M-6 Linebacker
Bradley Stinger Fighting Vehicle
Bradley Stinger Fighting Vehicle - Enhanced
ground mobility
Infantry Brigade Combat Team
M6 Linebacker
M7 Bradley Fire Support Vehicle
Manned Ground Vehicle
mechanized infantry
Stryker Brigade Combat Team
Warhammer Bradley

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