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planning guidance

Definition/Scope: Commanders develop planning guidance for the staff from the commander's visualization. Planning guidance may be as broad or detailed as circumstances require. However, it must convey to the staff the essence of the commander's visualization. Commanders use their experience and judgment to add depth and clarity to the planning guidance. They ensure the staff understands the broad outline of the commander's visualization, while still permitting the necessary latitude for the staff to explore different options. Commanders may, for example, identify decisive points and describe how they envision the concentration of combat power against each. Planning guidance contains priorities for the warfighting function (battlefield operating systems). It also includes how the commander visualizes shaping and sustaining operations contributing to the concept of operations. FM 5-0

Used For:


Broader Terms:

Air Defense Airspace Management
Air Defense Airspace Management/Brigade Aviation Element
Commander’s visualization
information engagement
mission analysis
mission planning
nested concept

Narrower Terms:

Fragmentary Order
risk reduction

Related Terms:

Collaborative planning
Commander’s Intent
Commander’s visualization
course of action
shaping operation
sustaining operation
Tactical Ground Reporting

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