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shaping operation

Definition/Scope: (FM 3-0) A shaping operation is an operation at any echelon that creates and preserves conditions for the success of the decisive operation. Shaping operations establish conditions for the decisive operation through effects on the enemy, population (including local leaders), and terrain. Shaping operations may occur throughout the operational area and involve any combination of forces and capabilities. Shaping operations may occur before, during, or after the decisive operation begins. Some shaping operations, especially those executed simultaneously with the decisive operation, may be economy of force actions. However, if the force available does not permit simultaneous decisive and shaping operations, the commander sequences shaping operations around the decisive operation. The concept of operations describes how shaping operations contribute to the decisive operation's success, often in terms of the purpose.

Used For:

Fires WFF
Intelligence WFF
Movement and Maneuver WFF

Broader Terms:

Civil Military Operation
division artillery
economy of force
lines of effort

Narrower Terms:

Abrams tank
Bradley Fighting Vehicle
Bradley Stinger Fighting Vehicle - Enhanced
Fires WFF
information engagement
lines of effort
Lines Of Operation
positive control
procedural control
seize initiative

Related Terms:

Agribusiness Development Team
area of influence
civil control
civil security
end state
Fires WFF
Irregular Warfare
Limited intervention
Major Combat Operation
nested concept
operational theme
peace operation
planning guidance
positive control
primary stability tasks
restore essential services
Stability operation
support operation
support to goverence
sustaining operation

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