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Initial Point Of Capture

Definition/Scope: The first level of two levels of detention command and control in OIF. A battalion level facility where detainees are held up to 24 hours. At the IPOC, release authority initially rests with the battalion-level commander. Because of limited resources in terms of interrogators and time available (24 hours), many of the detainees will be moved to the BDIF or DHA-A for further processing and interrogation before a final determination is made on the status of the detainee. The battalion commander may release individuals immediately if it can be determined that the individual was accidentally detained and does not pose a security risk. The BCTs and divisions maintain control of and are responsible for the processing and security of detainees up to the 14th day of detention, at which time they must be transferred to the TIF. JP 3-63

Used For:

Intelligence WFF
Mission command WFF
Protection WFF



Broader Terms:

Brigade Detainee Internment Facilities
Brigade Special Troops Battalion
Detainee Operations
Enemy Prisoner of War
Multinational Force - Iraq

Narrower Terms:

correctional facility
criminal activity
Military Police

Related Terms:

Brigade Detainee Internment Facilities
Brigade Internment Facilities
detainee holding area
Regional Holding Facility, USMC
theater internment facilities

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