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Regional Rescue Coordination Center

Definition/Scope: Resuce coordination centers operated by the USCG. They are divided as follows: District 1 - BOSTON, MA, Atlantic Area/District 5 - PORTSMOUTH, VA (RCC NORFOLK), District 7 - MIAMI, FL, District 8 - NEW ORLEANS, LA, District 9 - CLEVELAND, OH, Pacific Area/District 11- ALAMEDA, CA, District 13- SEATTLE, WA, District 14- HONOLULU, HI, District 17- JUNEAU, AK, Puerto Rico RSC - SAN JUAN, PR, MARIANAS RSC - GUAM


Rescue Coordination Center



Broader Terms:

Aerospace Rescue and Recovery Service
Coast Guard Rescue Coordination Centers
National Search and Rescue Plan

Related Terms:

Aerospace Rescue and Recovery Service
Air Force Rescue Coordination Center
Air Rescue Service
Alaska Rescue Coordination Center
joint rescue coordination centers
Rescue Coordination Center
rescue operation

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