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strategic estimate

Definition/Scope: This estimate assists the CCDRs and subordinate JFCs as they develop strategic concepts, campaign plans, and subordinate OPLANs. CCDRs develop strategic estimates after reviewing the operational environment, nature of anticipated operations, and national and multinational strategic direction. JFCs use strategic estimates to facilitate a more rapid employment of military forces across the range of military operations. The strategic estimate is more comprehensive in scope than estimates of subordinate commanders, encompasses all strategic concepts, and is the basis for combatant command strategy. In the strategic estimate, commanders focus on the threat and consider other circumstances affecting the military situation as they develop and analyze COAs. Items contained in the strategic estimate are summarized in JP 5-0, Joint Operation Planning, discusses the estimate process. Commanders employ the strategic estimate to consider the adversary's likely intent and COAs and compare friendly alternatives that result in a decision. Both supported and supporting CCDRs prepare strategic estimates based on assigned tasks. CCDRs who support other CCDRs prepare estimates for each supporting operation. The strategic estimate process is continuous. JP 3-0

Used For:

Mission command WFF

Broader Terms:

joint operation

Narrower Terms:

mission analysis
mission planning
situational awareness
strategic environment

Related Terms:

political stability
social conditions
strategic environment

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