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Directorate of Intelligence

Definition/Scope: The "DI" is the analytical branch of the CIA, responsible for the production and dissemination of all-source intelligence analysis on key foreign issues. While it has, like most government agencies, reorganized over the years, its current structure has four regional analytic groups, six groups for transnational issues, and two support units. Prior to the formation of the office of the Director of National Intelligence, the President’s Daily Brief was prepared by the CIA Office of Current Intelligence. Some open source intelligence (OSINT), such as the Foreign Broadcast Information Service, were, at different times, part of the Directorate of Intelligence or the Directorate of Science & Technology. Along with other OSINT functions, the National Open Source Enterprise is now in the ODNI.

Used For:

Protection WFF



Broader Terms:

Central Intelligence Agency
Director of Central Intelligence

Related Terms:

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
combatant commander
Defense Joint Intelligence Operations Center
Deputy Secretary of Defense
Directorate for Human Intelligence

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