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Separate Brigade Target Acquisition Platoon

Definition/Scope: The TAP of the separate brigade provides the brigade with acquisition of threat mortar, artillery, and rocket systems to provide target intelligence and information to allow friendly forces to take force protection measures and enable counterfire mission processing. The TAP also adjusts friendly fire and registers mortars and artillery with its organic Q-36 radar. The TAP is found in the HHS of the direct support field artillery battalion in the separate infantry brigades of the National Guard. These brigades are often referred to as enhanced brigades (EB). This organization consists of a platoon headquarters, Q-36 radar section, meteorological section and a survey section. This organization is capable of supporting all of the separate brigade's target acquisition requirements. The TAP may be augmented with additional assets based on the tactical situation. FM 3-09.12

Used For:

Fires WFF

Broader Terms:

Field Artillery
fire mission
Fires WFF
Target Acquisition Battery
weapons locating radar

Narrower Terms:

Fire Support Officer
fire support plan

Related Terms:

AN/TPQ-36 (Firefinder)
AN/TPQ-37 (Firefinder)
AN/TPQ-47 (Firefinder)

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