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Definition/Scope: The interim brigade combat team (IBCT) TAP provides acquisition of threat mortar, artillery, and rocket systems to provide target intelligence and information to allow friendly forces to take force protection measures and enable counterfire mission processing. The platoon consists of one Q-36 and one Q-37 radar team, a meteorological team and a survey team. The platoon deploys in whole or part within tailored force packages. Once in theater, the Fires and Effects Coordination Cell (FECC) controls the employment of the platoon and any additional counterfire radars attached or augmenting the brigade. When in theater, whether it deploys early or with the field artillery battalion, the platoon and/or individual radars will always establish a direct digital and voice link with the FECC. It may also, on occasion, establish an AFATDS digital quick fire channel directly with a delivery unit. FM 3-09.12

Used For:

Fires WFF

Broader Terms:

Field Artillery
fire mission
Fires WFF
Target Acquisition Battery
weapons locating radar

Narrower Terms:

Fire Support Officer
fire support plan

Related Terms:

AN/TPQ-36 (Firefinder)
AN/TPQ-37 (Firefinder)
AN/TPQ-47 (Firefinder)

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