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Divisional MLRS Target Acquisition Battery

Definition/Scope: The Divisional MLRS battalion TAB is organic to the heavy division MLRS battalion. The divisional MLRS battalion is organized with a headquarters, headquarters and service battery (HHS), three six-launcher MLRS firing batteries and a TAB. The functions of the divisional MLRS battalion TAB are the same as for the heavy division TAB. The differences are the organizational structure and the parent headquarters. Unlike the heavy division TAB, this organization does not have a separate survey platoon. It only has a single survey section that is part of target acquisition platoon (TAP) headquarters. FM 3-09.12

Broader Terms:

Field Artillery
fire mission
Fire Support Element
Naval Surface Fire Support
Target Acquisition Battery
weapons locating radar

Narrower Terms:

combat observation and lasing team
Fire Support Officer
fire support plan

Related Terms:

AN/TPQ-36 (Firefinder)
AN/TPQ-37 (Firefinder)
AN/TPQ-47 (Firefinder)
Heavy Brigade Combat Team
Infantry Brigade Combat Team
Stryker Brigade Combat Team

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