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Heavy Division Target Acquisition Battery

Definition/Scope: The heavy division target acquisition battery (TAB) is responsible for locating enemy indirect fire weapons and registering and adjusting friendly artillery in the division's battlespace with sufficient accuracy and timeliness for attack by friendly units. The TAB locates indirect fire targets with its organic Q-36 and Q- 37 radars. An assistant counterfire officer (WO/131A) and a target processing section are provided to the DIVARTY or FA brigade TOC to support counterfire operations. The addition of the TAB processing section to the counterfire headquarters provides viable 24-hour counterfire operations capability. The target processing section of the DIVARTY or FA brigade TOC normally controls the Q-37 radars. Q-36 radars are normally attached to DS FA battalions and controlled by the DS FA battalion S2. The TAB survey platoon provides location and directional control to TAB elements and aids the DIVARTY or FA brigade survey section as required. FM 3-09.12

Used For:

Fires WFF

Broader Terms:

Field Artillery
fire mission
Fires WFF
Target Acquisition Battery
weapons locating radar

Narrower Terms:

Fire Support Officer
fire support plan

Related Terms:

AN/TPQ-36 (Firefinder)
AN/TPQ-37 (Firefinder)
AN/TPQ-47 (Firefinder)

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