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Fire Support Officer

Definition/Scope: Senior field artillery officer assigned to Army maneuver battalions and brigades. Advises commander on fire-support matters. The FSO is also in charge of the the FSE. Regardless of Service or echelon, the FSC/FSO works in conjunction with the AO/ALO and other fire support representatives to ensure CAS is fully integrated into the fires portion of the OPORD. He also coordinates the preparation of the fire supportsubparagraph (or annex) that constitutes the Fire Support Plan. If the fire support subparagraph needs amplification, the FSC/FSO prepares a Fire Support Annex. JP 1-02 and FM 6-20 (FM 17-95) The FSO is the commander?s principal advisor and coordinator for fire support matters. His primary duty is to help the commander integrate all fires to support the scheme of maneuver. This includes planning, coordinating, and executing fire support. He is also responsible for coordinating with the S3 and the flight operations officer for required SEAD and J-SEAD fires. He frequently moves with the commander during tactical operations to expedite fire support. The FSO coordinates the efforts of subordinate FSOs and maintains digital and voice communications to supporting artillery. The fire support section (FSS) assists the FSO. In the armored cavalry regiment, the regimental and squadron FSO and FSS are organic at each level. Troop FSOs and fire support teams (FIST) are organic to squadron howitzer batteries. In division cavalry, the fire support elements and troop FISTs are dedicated assets from division artillery.

Used For:

Fires WFF



Broader Terms:

air ground integration
Air Officer/ Air Liaison Officer
air-ground integration
Divisional MLRS Target Acquisition Battery
Field Artillery
Fire Direction Center
fire support
Fire Support Team
Fires Warfighting Function
Fires WFF
Heavy Division Target Acquisition Battery
Separate Brigade Target Acquisition Platoon
Target Acquisition Battery

Narrower Terms:

Field Artillery
observed fire

Related Terms:

Air Naval Gunfire Liaison Company
Air Officer/ Air Liaison Officer
Air Officer/Air Liaison Officer
AN/TPQ-36 (Firefinder)
AN/TPQ-37 (Firefinder)
AN/TPQ-47 (Firefinder)
danger close
engagement method
Fire Support Coordinator
fire support plan
Firepower Control Team
target acquisition detachment

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