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Fire Direction Center

Definition/Scope: That element of a command post, consisting of gunnery and communications personnel and equipment, by means of which the commander exercises fire direction and/or fire control. The fire direction center receives target intelligence and requests for fire, and translates them into appropriate fire direction. The fire direction center provides timely and effective tactical and technical fire control in support of current operations. The fire direction center (FDC) serves as the “brains” of the gunnery team. It is the control center for the gunnery team and is part of the firing battery headquarters. The FDC personnel receive calls for fire directly from an observer or they maybe relayed through the initial fire support automated system (IFSAS) at battalion level. The FDC will then process that information by using tactical and technical fire direction procedures. JP 1-02

Used For:

Fires WFF



Broader Terms:

alternate command post
armored command and reconnaissance vehicle
BTR-60 armored personnel carrier
command post
Field Artillery
fire control command post
fire direction officer
fire mission
Fire Support Combined Arms Tactical Trainer
Fires WFF
Light Armored Vehicle-25
Target Acquisition Battery

Narrower Terms:

Field Artillery
fire direction officer
Fire Support Officer
forward observer
observed fire

Related Terms:

BTR-60PA armored personnel carrier
BTR-80 armored personnel carrier
Fire Support Element
Fire Support Team
target acquisition detachment

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