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Army Modernization Strategy

Definition/Scope: Formerly known as the Army Modernization Plan. The 2008 Army Modernization Strategy provides a summary of the ends, ways and means through which the Army will equip itself and continue to modernize in support of this end. It describes the operational environment—an “era of persistent conflict”—and the Army's newest doctrine for dominating in that environment. It describes the challenges the Army is facing as it executes the current fight while preparing for the future, and the imperatives established by our senior leaders for restoring balance to the force. Finally, it details the four Elements of Modernization—the specific “ways” in which the Army's equipping and modernization efforts support rebalancing the force and integrating capabilities necessary to ensure our success across the range of operations, from peacetime engagement to major combat operations.

Used For:

Army Digitization Master Plan

Broader Terms:

strategic environment

Narrower Terms:

Army digitization
Army Digitization Master Plan
Army Prepositioned Stock
Industrial Modernization Incentives Program
War reserve

Related Terms:

Army digitization
Army Force Generation

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