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Coast Guard Academy

Definition/Scope: Mission: "The United States Coast Guard Academy is committed to strengthening the nation's future by educating, training and developing leaders of character who are ethically, intellectually, professionally, and physically prepared to serve their country and humanity, and who are strong in their resolve to build on the long military and maritime heritage and proud accomplishments of the United States Coast Guard." Philosophy: "To graduate young men and women with sound bodies, stout hearts and alert minds, with a liking for the sea and its lore, with that high sense of honor, loyalty and obedience which goes with trained initiative and leadership; well grounded in seamanship, the sciences and amenities, and strong in the resolve to be worthy of the traditions of commissioned officers in the United States Coast Guard in the service of their country and humanity." The United States Coast Guard Academy (USCGA) is the military academy of the United States Coast Guard. Located in New London, Connecticut, it is one of the five federal service academies. The academy provides education to future Coast Guard officers. Unlike the other service academies, admission to the Coast Guard Academy is solely based upon merit and does not require a congressional nomination. This is due to the fervent objections of Captain Henriques, the first Superintendent of the Revenue Cutter School of Instruction (later the Revenue Cutter Academy). His objection stemmed from years of poor political appointments in the U.S. Revenue Cutter Service's Bureaucracy. Since his objections, it has been the policy of the academy to base all appointments solely on the merits of the applicants.



Broader Terms:

Military Colleges
US Military Academy

Narrower Terms:

Reserve Officer Training Corps
US Officer Candidate School

Related Terms:

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