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Unmanned Ground Vehicle

Definition/Scope: The Multifunctional Utility/Logistics and Equipment (MULE) Vehicle is a 2.5-ton Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV) that will support dismounted and air assault operations. The MULE is sling-loadable under military rotorcraft and features three variants sharing a common chassis: transport, countermine and the Armed Robotic Vehicle (ARV)-Assault-Light (ARV-A-L). The XM1217 Transport MULE Vehicle (MULE-T) carries 1,900-2,400 pounds of equipment and rucksacks for dismounted infantry squads. The rugged vehicle relieves Soldiers of heavy equipment and packs while following them through complex terrain. The Countermine MULE Vehicle (MULE-CM) (XM1218) will provide the capability to detect, mark, and neutralize anti-tank mines. The vehicle is equipped with an integrated mine detection mission equipment package from the Ground Standoff Mine Detection System (GSTAMIDS). The ARV-A-L MULE Vehicle (XM1219) is a mobility platform with an integrated weapons and reconnaissance, surveillance, and target acquisition (RSTA) package to support the dismounted infantry's efforts to locate and destroy enemy platforms and positions. As the program's centerpiece, the Common Mobility Platform (CMP) provides superior mobility built around an advanced propulsion and articulated suspension system. This system gives Soldiers vehicles in which to negotiate complex terrain, obstacles, and gaps that a dismounted squad will encounter. The XM1216 Small Unmanned Ground Vehicle (SUGV) is a lightweight, manportable Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV) capable of conducting military operations in urban terrain, tunnels, sewers, and caves. The SUGV aids in the performance of manpower-intensive or high-risk functions (i.e. urban Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) missions, chemical/Toxic Industrial Chemicals (TIC), Toxic Industrial Materials (TIM), reconnaissance, etc.). Working to minimize Soldiers' exposure directly to hazards, the SUGV's modular design allows multiple payloads to be integrated in a plug-and-play fashion. Weighing less than 30 pounds, it is capable of carrying up to six pounds of payload weight.

Used For:

Movement and Maneuver WFF



Broader Terms:

Army transformation
Future Combat Systems (Brigade Combat Teams)

Related Terms:

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