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Naval Surface Fire Support

Definition/Scope: It is essentially a fire support system with fire being delivered by the shipborne weapons. The NSFS system can be considered a system of systems. The system embodies three omponents—target acquisition systems, weapons systems, and C2 systems. Accordingly, this concept of employment addresses the complementary nature of the Target Location Designation and Handoff System (TLDHS) and other near-term targeting improvements; the near-term NSFS weapons, principally the new EX171 Extended Range Guided Munition (ERGM), the Mk 45 Mod 4 5-inch 62 caliber Gun Mount, and the Mk 160 Mod 8 Gun Computer System (GCS); and operations conducted with automated systems such as the Advanced Field Artillery Tactical Data System (AFATDS) and the NSFS Warfare Control System (NWCS).

Used For:

Fires WFF
Protection WFF



Broader Terms:

fire mission
Joint Fires Observer
US Marine Corps

Narrower Terms:

Advanced Field Artillery Tactical Data System
Divisional MLRS Target Acquisition Battery
fire support
target acquisition

Related Terms:

Air Naval Gunfire Liaison Company
Field Artillery
Fire Support Coordinator
Fires WFF
indirect fire support
Joint Surveillance Target Attack Radar System
Joint Terminal Air Controller
joint terminal attack controller

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