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2d Brigade (MP)

Definition/Scope: Mission: Provides Command and Control functions for the Total Army School System (TASS) Bn Commands. Provides coordinating and special staff for 5 MP TASS Battalions and personnel assigned to this unit. During peacetime, provides a full range of command, support, and management functions for assigned Battalions and other assigned units, including but not limited to MOS Training in Career Management Field (CMF) 31, Military Police CMF, and the Technical Phases of Non-Commissioned Officer Education School (NCOES) in accordance with Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) Programs of instructions (POIs) to all branches of the Service and DoD Civilians. The BDE is directly responsible for the accreditation of assigned MP TASS Bns. The BDE is solely responsible for its fiscal budgets to include but not limited to OMAR, RPA and TDY funds. The BDE will ensure that the Bns will provide instructors certification, POI adjustments as the instructional materials are updated. Coordinates directly with the 102nd Div concerning policies, programs, actions, and procedures. These areas include, but are not limited to, personnel management, operations, training, logistics management, comptroller activities, physical/personnel/information security, chaplain, medical, legal activities, Inspector General, and Internal Review activities. During mobilization provides instructors and other personnel to augment TRADOC proponent schools.


3rd Brigade (Combat Support)

Broader Terms:

102d Training Division
Fort Leonard Wood

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