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Infantry Brigade Combat Team

Definition/Scope: As the light force, all IBCTs are uniform in design, replacing the specialized brigades of the airborne, air assault, and light infantry divisions. Though their training suits them for particular infantry missions, their standard organization facilitates their training, employment, leader development, and logistics. The IBCT is designed around two infantry battalions; each battalion consisting of three rifle companies and a weapons company. The infantry BCT requires less strategic lift than other BCTs. When supported with intratheater airlift, infantry BCTs have theaterwide operational reach. The infantry Soldier is the centerpiece of the infantry BCT. Organic antitank, military intelligence, artillery, signal, engineer, reconnaissance, and sustainment elements allow the infantry BCT commander to employ the force in combined arms formations. Infantry BCTs work best for operations in close terrain and densely populated areas. They are easier to sustain than the other BCTs. Selected infantry BCTs include special-purpose capabilities for airborne or air assault operations. FM 3-0



Broader Terms:

Brigade Combat Team
Combat Aviation Brigade
common operational picture
Full spectrum operations
Joint capabilities
M6 Linebacker
modular force structure

Narrower Terms:

Brigade Special Troops Battalion

Related Terms:

Battlefield Surveillance Brigade
Bradley Fighting Vehicle
Bradley M-6 Linebacker
Bradley Stinger Fighting Vehicle
Bradley Stinger Fighting Vehicle - Enhanced
Brigade Combat Team
Captains Career Course Infantry
Divisional MLRS Target Acquisition Battery
Heavy Brigade Combat Team
M7 Bradley Fire Support Vehicle
Stryker Brigade Combat Team
Unit of Action
Warhammer Bradley

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