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Forward Support Company

Definition/Scope: The Forward Support Company (FSC) is a multi-functional unit that includes a field feeding section, distribution platoon and a maintenance platoon organized to provide support to a combat or combat support battalion. The FSC can be found in support of a battalion/squadron of the infantry brigade combat team, heavy brigade combat team, fires brigade, aviation brigade, combat support brigade, and battlefield surveillance brigade. The FSC is as mobile as the unit it supports. This mobility provides greater flexibility for the maneuver commander. The FSC interfaces with the Brigade Support Battalion (BSB) in order to provide logistics support to the battalion. The FSC has the capability to command, control, and integrate attached units such as engineer support teams or teams from sustainment brigade assets or the BSB. (ARTEP 63-217G-30)

Used For:

Sustainment WFF



Broader Terms:

Brigade Support Battalion

Related Terms:

Aviation support company

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