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Future Combat Systems (Brigade Combat Teams)

Definition/Scope: FCS (BCT) is the Army’s future tactical warfighting echelon. It will be organized for offensive operations and conducting full spectrum operations. It will consist of three FCS equipped Combined Arms Battalions (CABs), a NLOS Cannon BN, a RSTA Sqd, a BSB, a Brigade Intelligence and Communications Company (BICC) and a HHC. (Future Combat Systems Maneuver Unit of Action, Operational and Organization Plan)

Used For:




Narrower Terms:

Brigade Support Battalion
Manned Ground Vehicle
Non Line Of Sight Launch System
UAS-XM 156
UAS-XM 157
Unattended Ground Sensor
Unmanned Ground Vehicle
XM 1204 Non Line of Sight-Mortar
XM1201 Reconnaissance and Surveillance Vehicle
XM1202 Mounted Combat System
XM1203 Non Line of Sight-Cannon
XM1205 Recovery and Maintenance Vehicle
XM1206 Infantry Carrier Vehicle
XM1209 Command and Control Vehicle

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